Di Zio Magnotta

President and Founder, G. Magnotta Foundation

A 10-year driving force in raising funds and awareness for Lyme Disease. A 25-year supporter of Toronto hospitals and charitable organizations and a medical laboratory technologist in her earlier years.

"I am so proud that our Foundation's fighting spirit has now been embraced in this great university as we move forward to tackle and change the way we test, diagnose and treat Lyme patients in Canada. We are in the best of hands."



Dr. Jonathon Newman

Dean, College of Biological Science, University of Guelph

PhD in ecology, evolution and behaviour. Previously a faculty member with Zoology Department of Oxford University and Department of Zoology at Southern Illinois University. 

"There is an aphorism typically attributed to the Chinese philosopher Laozi that states, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. We know that we still have much distance to cover and many barriers to overcome but the journey has begun."


Research Team


Dr. Melanie Wills

Director, G. Magnotta Lyme Disease Research Lab at the University of Guelph

A highly respected leader in Lyme research. PhD in molecular and cellular biology with post-doctoral studies in Lyme Borreliosis. Co-founder of the Canadian Lyme Science Alliance. Member of the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MoHLTC) Lyme Disease and Tick-Borne Illness Task Force.

"I have been amazed by the traction we have gained in the short period of time we have been operating. The partnership has raised the profile of Lyme Disease across the country and galvanized the local university community. We are proud to take a lead in patient-centred research."

Dr. Iain Mainprize

PhD, Research Associate


Researcher in biochemistry and microbiology labs at McMaster University and University of Guelph.

"As a child, my horticulturist father always warned of the dangers of the exposure to ticks and Lyme Disease and now, more than 30 years later, the problem is only getting worse in Ontario and Canada."


Victoria Sanderson

B.Sc., Masters Student

Undergraduate degree in Honours Biology from the University of British Columbia.

“I am intrigued by this area of research for the unique challenges it presents and driven by the need for change in the options available for Lyme Disease patients.”

Lisette Verzijlenberg

MSc, Senior Research Technician

Master degree in Cell Biology. Undergraduate degree in Biomedical Biology. Veterinary technician for over 10 years.

"I've always wanted to find an overlap between medicine and research and Lyme Disease, with its diverse symptoms and manifestations, allows me to bridge those two interests seamlessly."

Jordan Ko

B.Sc., Research Technician

Recent graduate from the University of Guelph in bio-medical sciences.

“It is an incredible privilege to be working alongside such brilliant minds in an ambitious effort to improve our understanding of Lyme Disease with the goal of informing better patient-centred care.”



The Canadian Lyme Consortium

Unites researchers, clinicians and patients across Canada for the first time as well as advocates and many complementary scientific and social science disciplines with the shared goal of resolving the escalating Lyme Disease threat.


A Leading Ontario Hospital

A Centre of Excellence for patient care, treatment, education and recruitment for research to be established at a leading Ontario hospital. An announcement is anticipated by the end of 2018.


From the outset, the G. Magnotta Lyme Disease Research Lab has been determined to attract top talent to complement our own areas of expertise. This not only broadens the scope of our basic research, it also helps translate it from the bench to the bedside when strategic commercialization partners are welcomed aboard. We have aligned with a number of academic and industrial collaborators who believe in this research and are committed to its success.